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Home For AIDS Orphans

Building homes for Mwandi’s children orphaned by AIDS

About Us

Home for AIDS Orphans Program

Program Vision Statement

All citizens of Mwandi will have an improved standard of living that enhances their quality of life, maximizing their potential through increased opportunities in education and employment, increasing life expectancy, reducing HIV transmission, and providing a safe and sustainable community.

Program Mission Statement

To bring volunteers into the community to support existing programs and provide resources to continue programs and develop new opportunities.

Program History

Home for AIDS Orphans was initially established as the United Church of Zambia (UCZ) Mission Partners Mwandi by Dan and Paula Van Zyl. In 2014 we became a registered Not for Profit Organization and began operating as Home for AIDS Orphans. The original UCZ Mission Partners Mwandi began serving the people of Mwandi in 2005. It began by offering a tour from South Africa through Botswana and Namibia ending up in Mwandi Village for nine days, recruiting volunteers/travellers from around the world. While in Mwandi volunteers work with various programs of the UCZ Mission (schools, hospital, HIV clinic, Orphan and Vulnerable Children program). In July 2006 they began having the volunteers fly direct into Livingstone, Zambia thus increasing the time in Mwandi from 9 days to 17 days. Approximately 3000 volunteers have visited and worked in the community since 2005 and we have built 141 homes which has provided housing for over 800 orphans and their care givers.

It was during this time Paula was baptized and became an active member of the United Church of Zambia. Shortly after the Church asked Paula and Dan to become Mission Partners and they applied for and were granted work permits to remain in Mwandi working as self funded, non-profit Missionaries under the United Church of Zambia. Initially they camped on Mission land and in March 2007 the Royal Establishment granted UCZ Mission Partners a large piece of land in appreciation of their work in the village and for the community. They were asked by the people of Mwandi, the Church, the Chief and Royal Establishment to remain in Mwandi to live among them and continue their work. That same year UCZ Mission Partners Mwandi was approached by a community member for assistance with housing. This individual was an eldery man with a disability, who was caring for five grandchildren all living in a small shack made of grass and plastic. The Mission Partners, with the help of volunteers, built him a traditional mud house with a metal sheet roof. This was the start of the house building project.

Paula is a member and the accountant for the Mwandi Home for the Aged committee (Kandiana). In August 2008 she was asked to join the Women's Christian Fellowship and become 'Anamoyo' and has since been an active member of the Church. In January 2009 Paula was inducted to the Livingstone Rotary Club District 9210. She has been Membership chair and has served as the Secretary of the club on the international Project committee since 2011. Currently, Paula is the President of the club for 2013-2014.