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Home For AIDS Orphans

Building homes for Mwandi’s children orphaned by AIDS

About Us

Home for AIDS Orphans Projects

The main project offered to volunteers is the housing project, however there are number of areas within the Mwandi community were volunteers can be involved.

Housing Project

The Housing Project is vital and the main project for the mission. The goal of the project is to provide safe and secure housing for the vulnerable populations (orphans, seniors, and people in poverty) of Mwandi.

The Volunteer section of this website has more information on the housing project.

Health Care

Home for AIDS Orphans is delighted to be able to offer volunteering to all Health Care Professionals including, Pharmacists, Medical students, teachers, pre medical students, mid wives and Social Workers. In addition we are able to obtain any Retired or practicing Doctor approval from the Health Care Professional Ministers office to “Practice Medicine” at Yeta Community Hospital, there are a few forms to fill out and there is a slight charge please contact Paula Van Zyl for additional information. For any other medical personal this approval is not necessary. They need only to obtain a “Business Visa” upon arrival at Livingstone International airport.

The Volunteering for Medical Professionals section of this website has more information on volunteering in the Yeta Community Hospital.

Beanor's Community Pre-School

Home for Aids Orphans is proud to support Aunt Beanor’s Community Pre School. It was officially opened in May 2016. The School accepts children ages 3 to 6 at the present time with 3 classes per day. All volunteers are welcome to help out and take over the class if they feel comfortable with it. The children love to have the volunteers be their teacher!

The Beanor's Community Pre-School section of this website has more information on how Home For AIDS Orphanssupports the school.

School Sponsorship

As of October 2016 Home For Aids Orphans with the help of international donors have 5 students (all orphans from Mwandi Village) in Teaching College in Livingstone that will come out with full teaching diplomas in Math, Physical Eduction, Geography, History, English and Zambian language they will go on to good jobs as teachers and will then put their orphaned siblings through school. We also have 7 studnets still in high school, but we intend to enlarge the College sponsorship as funds allow, as this project has been a complete success.


Kandiana is the old people's home built on the site of Mwandi Mission. Kandiana provides shelter and attends to the basic needs of seniors who do not have families to care for them. Kandiana is partially funded by a Government Grant, the rest of the required funds comes from generous donors. Kandiana was originally a leprosy colony, which was changed to an old people's home in the early 1980's.

It is common for volunteers to spend at least one day assisting at Kandiana while participating in the housing project.

Safe Drinking Water

Drills bore holes to provide safe accessible water to communities in and around Mwandi.

Food Collection and Distribution

Provides food for needy people in the community and assist with the provision of food for families experiencing crisis, such as a death in the family.