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Home For AIDS Orphans

Building homes for Mwandi’s children orphaned by AIDS


Volunteering for Medical Professionals

Home for AIDS Orphans is delighted to be able to offer volunteering to all Health Care Professionals including, Pharmacists, Medical students, teachers, pre medical students, mid wives and Social Workers. In addition we are able to obtain any Retired or practicing Doctor approval from the Health Care Professional Ministers office to “Practice Medicine” at Yeta Community Hospital, there are a few forms to fill out and there is a slight charge please contact Paula Van Zyl for additional information. For any other medical personal this approval is not necessary. They need only to obtain a “Business Visa” upon arrival at Livingstone International airport.

Yeta Hospital is located a short drive from Mwandi Village we transport the volunteers to and from the Hospital.

Yeta Hospital is a fully equipped 103 bed hospital that includes an outpatient department, Pharmacy, Operating Theaters, Maternity Ward Male and Female Wards.

They are a Community Hospital and they receive next to nothing from the Government so are always in need of whatever medical supplies or equipment our volunteers can bring them. The Doctors and nursing staff are always very welcoming to our volunteers and the volunteers are allowed to do as much as they are comfortable with including delivering babies and assisting or observing with operations or medical procedures.

Yeta Hospital is willing to take their Medical staff along with volunteers out to the Rural area to practice ‘Medicine in the Bush', but since they have no funds to be able to offer this on a regular basis due to the lack of Government funding they will organize this if the volunteers wish to pay a small fee to cover the cost of an ‘Out Reach Program'. There are different areas these 'Out Reach Programs' administer to. We have the HIV/AIDS counseling and treatment programs, the under 5 (years old) clinics as well as the pre natal and general health clinics. It is a wonderful and changeling experience for them as they see first hand how we as the main hospital in the area administer to a population of more then 33,000 people, most of whom live in very remote small villages scattered over an area of approximately 400sq km.

The children's ward in the local hospital
The children's ward in the local hospital

It is also possible for medical students, including physiotherapy students, to complete units of study or electives through our healthcare programs.

If you really want to see up close and personal Western Medicine working in a real African village this is the place to come for an exciting and rewarding challenge.

Contact us with your expertise or area of study and availability and we will arrange an appropriate volunteer placement for you.