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Home For AIDS Orphans

Building homes for Mwandi’s children orphaned by AIDS


Aunt Beanor’s Community Pre School

Home for Aids Orphans is proud to support Aunt Beanor’s Community Pre School. It was officially opened in May 2016. The School accepts children ages 3 to 6 at the present time with 3 classes per day. All volunteers are welcome to help out and take over the class if they feel comfortable with it. The children love to have the volunteers be their teacher!

The building was originally built by Home For Aids Orphans with funds donated by Medicine Hat College in Medicine Hat Canada in 2012 for a vulnerable peoples shelter. This was used for only a short period of time and the principals involved moved away and the organization fell apart leaving the building to be used for storage, and fall into disrepair.

Late in 2015 Paula Van Zyl learned that her friend Beanor had continued teaching Pre School out of her traditional home in the village, after she was dismissed from the Mission Pre School due to Church Politics. At the same time the “Kuta” or local court advised Paula that the land along with the building would revert back to the “Kuta’ if it was not used for a Community Project as the land was Community Land. Paula Van Zyl immediately started working with the Kuta as well as Beanor and the local Department of Education to get permission for the property and the existing building to be converted to a Community Pre School. All approvals were obtained but there were many things that had to be done to the property in order to get all Government approvals and make the school an accredited one.

The property sits directly in front of Home For Aids Orphans property and is quite large, it had been used as a dumping ground and was full of thorn trees and garbage. A chain link fence had to be put up all around the property, with a opening gate secured with a lock, the garbage and all the bush had to be removed from the property, long drop toilets with a large soak away had to be built, sinks installed, new desks and benches for the children, new desk for the teacher, a large black board had to be mounted, a new large book shelve had to be made, water had to be re-hooked up and the building had to be completely re-painted inside and out. Home for Aids Orphans had to put up the “children’s crossing” signs as well as the cross walk across the main road in Mwandi had to be painted, in addition two speed bumps had to be laid across the road, the Mwandi police were more then happy to help out and closed the main road for 2 days Former volunteers and donors funded this part of the project. Beanor complied with all Government regulations for operating the Pre School. And finally in May 2016 the school was officially opened.

Local children in classroom
Aunt Beanor’s Community Pre School

An Australian Rotary Club donated funds to Home For Aids Orphans to install some play ground equipment. A slide was made by a man in Livingstone and transported to Mwandi by Home For Aids Orphans. The joy on the kids faces when they showed up for school the first Monday after the slide was installed was priceless it’s the only Pre School in Mwandi with a slide. As of October 2016 the swings are being made for the school and will he installed during November 2016.

Home For Aids Orphans built Beanor a large traditional home at the back of the property so she could live there and watch the property and not have to walk 3 km one way each day to get to the School.

The high demand for this Pre School made it necessary to continue building additional class rooms and the funds have been donated to start the second building at the beginning of 2017. There is room to build at least 4 to 5 other class rooms, the Department of Education would like to see the school expand to grade 2.

So far it has been a complete success with volunteers donating materials for the school such as books, games, pencils, paper, tooth brushes, tooth paste and just about everything else Beanor needs to teach the children. Home For Aids Orphans will continue to support and fund raise to build additional class room for the school. The running of the school is entirely in the capable hands of Aunt Beanor.