Housing Project

The Housing Project is vital and the main project for Home for Aids Orphans. The goal of the project is to provide safe and secure housing for the vulnerable populations (orphans, seniors, and people in poverty) of Mwandi.

The Volunteers section of this website has more information on the housing project

Moyo Lunga Community School

Home for Aids Orphans is proud to support the Moyo Lunga Community School. It was officially opened in January 2019. The School accepts children for pre-school through 3rd grade classes, with other 280 students currently attending. 4th grade will open in January 2022. Our hope and mission is to keep building on till we get to the 7th grade to provide quality education to all. The Moyo Lunga Community School section of this website has more information on how Home For AIDS Orphans supports the school.

School Sponsorship

As of July 2021 Home For Aids Orphans with the help of international donors have sponsored over 25 students (all orphans from Mwandi Village) in Colleges throughout Zambia, in many areas incuding teaching, nursing, social studies, business and IT. Many of them have gone on to rewarding careers. This enables them to help their siblings continue their education as well as contribute to their family’s welfare. It is a gift that keeps giving. Currently there are 8 still in school, and they hope to sponsor many more, as funds allow, as this project has been a complete success.


Kandiana is the old people’s home built on the site of Mwandi Mission. Kandiana provides shelter and attends to the basic needs of seniors who do not have families to care for them. Kandiana is partially funded by a Government Grant, the rest of the required funds comes from generous donors. Kandiana was originally a leprosy colony, which was changed to an old people’s home in the early 1980’s. It is common for volunteers to spend at least one day assisting at Kandiana while participating in the housing project.

Safe Drinking Water

Drills bore holes to provide safe accessible water to communities in and around Mwandi.

Food Collection and Distribution

Provides food for needy people in the community and assist with the provision of food for families experiencing crisis, such as a death in the family.

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