Mwandi means a place of “plenty fish”


Mwandi is a village located between Livingstone and Sesheke and is home to the Barotse Royal Establishment and Chief Inyambo Yeta IV. The village has little tourist infrastructure yet has much to offer tourists who are seeking an authentic African experience.


Mwandi was designated a “District” of its own in 2014. With this came district employees and a greater Government involvement in the village as well as an increase in the population. Mwandi has grown and now has internet access as well as a larger shopping area, this has been a boost for the village. Although Zambia has 73 tribes there is no tribal fighting and everyone gets along, Mwandi now enjoys this tribal diversity. The Lozi tribe, the predominate tribe, in Western Province still maintain their traditions and culture, everyone is very respectful of others tribal heritage.


The village itself is quiet, except for the bustling market in the main street. The market offers anything from brightly coloured materials to fresh produce and fish. Take time to stroll through and meet some of the locals who are always eager to assist. Mwandi gives one insight into the workings of a modern-day African village. Villagers can be seen collecting water in all sorts of containers from the borehole in town. A bell rings four times a day when the chief is in residence. Once in the morning to announce the start of a new day, twice in the afternoon to indicate the start and end of lunchtime, and at 2100hrs in the evening to indicate that noise should be kept to a minimum.


Mwandi is renowned for fishing as it is not heavily fished by tourists nor heavily netted by locals. It is therefore a part of the river that still provides excellent catches. Most visitors to the Zambezi come for the really big trophy tiger fish. These fish gather in the area over the winter months when the flood waters from the surrounding floodplains are receding. As the waters recede baitfish are forced back into the channels where the big tigers lie in wait. The river bottom is sandy and the river is not too deep, making it a good destination for fly-fishing. Here you will also find good stocks of nembwe, which can be caught either on fly or lure.


Mwandi is a relatively rural village in the South-Western corner of Zambia. The town is home to the United Church of Zambia Mission Hospital , which has a catchment area of approximately 33,000 individuals. With 8,000 living in Mwandi.

Local fisherman on Zambezi river